Churchill’s Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant

I’d been in northern Canada before and eaten disappointing food so I wasn’t expecting much.

As a reminder of the freezing conditions, I had to enter through three doors: the first with a grate to make sure you kept the snow outside; the second for when it was extra cold; and a third before you stepped into the restaurant. The second door was open the day I entered so I guess -30 wasn’t that cold for the Churchill locals.

The grate inside the first door of the restaurant.

I entered to a nearly empty restaurant but by the time I finished my food, the place was packed. And no wonder, my Greek salad was crispy, the herbs perfect and the chips non-greasy. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal had it been in downtown Vancouver.

Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant, Churchill, Manitoba

I heard one of the locals say they’d come today because now the tourists had left. It must have been the same for the rest of the clientele judging by the faces at tables.

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