A Warning to Churchill Visitors

The only polar bear I saw was this stone one

If you pick up Manitoba’s brochure on Churchill, don’t be fooled like I was. It states the highest probability of spying polar bears is in November but that’s not true.

Reading that piece of information, I booked a journey to Churchill towards the end of November only to discover when I then made enquiries about a tour, everything finished on November 18th! Once Hudson Bay froze over, the bears started to hunt. I found nothing on this date in the brochure yet every tourist operation in Churchill was aware of the time line.

Churchill tourist brochure – note the 100% chance of seeing polar bears and the Northern lights in November. I didn’t see either!

So when I arrived everything, I mean everything was closed except one or two hotels, two restaurants and a rental car operation. I’ve written to Travel Manitoba about this false information but have had no reply.

It was an expensive mistake because flying to Churchill from Winnipeg and return cost close to $1300; whereas the two day train ride was $350-$1000. Plus both Calm Air and First Air were delayed by two hours. I suppose that’s lucky compared with the following day when I left Winnipeg.

Update: Finally did get a reply which reiterated what I found out once I got to Churchill; a pity they didn’t include the information in their brochure.

At least my flights were only delayed. This Churchill flight was cancelled.

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