Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia

By far the most artsy display in Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, was Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit. Hardy, the artist in residence for 2015, took items from the museum’s collection and arranged them without considering their origin or time span as most museum exhibits do. Instead, he artistically wove together parts of the collection under a theme – animals.

Positioned for a Z-twist Spin on the use of sheep through the ages. (Note the sheep in wolf’s clothing)

I sat for a while before one collection that was arranged as a living room which included: a mirror surrounded by antlers; a chair with antler horn arm rests; a Haida box with a raven symbol.

A portion of the display, Homestretch on horses through the ages.

Homestretch was about horses and how they’ve been utilized down the ages. My photo only shows a small section of the whole. There were old wooden rocking horses decorating the display but I couldn’t take my eyes from this steel beauty.

This was my favourite part of the gallery because of the unique way Hardy arranged ordinary museum items and transformed them into art.


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