Puffins, puffins and more puffins


I arrived in Elliston, the puffin capital. After the long distance view of birds at Bay Bulls, I was surprised at how close I was to these puffins.

I sat on a cliff where across on a stack, breeding pairs were busy around their burrows. I’m guessing the ones on the cliff where I sat were those without partners. They were within a metre of where I sat perfectly still watching their antics.80a289f0ba755d52b7c115bf1d7df761One waved a piece of grass in its beak as if to signal to a female, look I’m ready to help with a nest. When one started an argument, another puffin waddled in to break up the disagreement. I was elated. This was one of the reasons I’d come to Newfoundland and I wasn’t disappointed.IMG_0292

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