Tera Nova National Park

I stayed several kilometres from Tera Nova and drove back the following day. I liked the sound of the name.

Wild flowers of Tera Nova

Most of my stays were at B & Bs, often run by women, like in Bonavista. The women usually had one or the other reaction when I rolled in and they discovered I was travelling alone. I’d see a far away look in their eyes as if they wished they could do the same and never would, or there’d be the question, “Aren’t you afraid to travel alone?” I had to stifle a laugh the first time I was asked this. In Newfoundland? Where you don’t even lock a car door? Must be the safest place on earth.

Pitcher plant, Tera Noval

That’s why I felt safe roaming through parks and trails on my own which was what I did in Tera Nova where the vegetation was spectacular.

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