Port au Choix Trail

Because of the rich pickings from marine life, Port au Choix was another ancient spot where peoples (such as the Dorset Inuit) had lived for thousands of years.

Even though I visited the interpretive centre, I’d come, not for its archeological history, but to find interesting rock formations that lined the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Sub-arctic juniper, Port au Choix, Newfoundland

Eventually, after driving around the small town with no help from the information centre, I arrived at the low cliffs where multiple shaped rocks dotted the landscape. I scrambled over the rocks where not far off, across the straight, was Quebec’s coastline hidden by distance.

This was where I ate the best muscles I’d ever tasted at a ridiculously cheap price. The waiter said they steamed them with a spot of lemon and that seemed to do the trick as they didn’t has that odour the sometimes accompanies seafood.