The Vikings of L’Anxe aux Meadows

On the way to L’Anxe aux Meadows, I spotted a tiny piece of white floating in the sea. That was my iceberg, the only one I saw. Had I started on the west coast and toured east, instead of the reverse, I would have been three weeks earlier and probably seen more. I put the thought out of my head because I was headed to what the Vikings called Vinland where they settled a thousand years ago.

Entrance to a Viking sod house

The site had been merely hollows in the ground where buildings had once stood. Sod buildings were now reconstructed in the Viking style, with the materials they once used.IMG_0324

After roaming the site and entering the sod building, I followed the hiking trail along the coast in a complete circle back to the car park.

Hollow where once a Viking house stood.

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