Vietnamese treat

Where I live, there are oodles of Vietnamese restaurants. Being a lover of most Asian foods, you’d think I would have ventured into more than one or two especially since I planned to visit Vietnam. That wasn’t the case.

So before arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, I got my first introduction into its delight on the flight – lotus fruit.

Truyen and his sister, Donny, my Airbnb hosts


In Old Saigon, I climbed four flights to the Mountain Retreat restaurant where I looked down on the busy streets. With a delicious green papaya salad and passion juice before me, I knew I was going to love my time in Vietnam because if the food’s good, everything else is equally as good.

My taste treat wasn’t over before I left the city. The next day I savoured durian ice cream with Donny, the sister of my Airbnb host, Truyen, who rents a room in his apartment right in the heart of Old Saigon. Staying with a friendly family was a great introduction to my two-month venture into a country I’d never visited before.

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