Hang Duong Cemetery

As I walked the tree-lined entrance to Hang Doung Cemetery, a heaviness pressed down on me. The site was lovingly maintained and the silence broken only by birds chirping, a rooster’s crow, an occasional dog barking or the wind through the trees.

Hang Duong Cemetery pathway

I was surrounded by grave upon grave, most of them unnamed. Every grave however, had incense sticks and flowers as if all their suffering was not forgotten.

Hang Duong Cemetery pond

Following the meandering paths, I stumbled upon Vo Thi Sau’s grave. The teenage resistance fighter’s huge grave was covered with flowers and fruits. While I stood by, one woman prayed before her tomb while two others added to the already substantial array of flowers.

A devotee at Vo Thi Sau’s tomb

I discovered later, another shrine dedicated to her was opposite the museum in Con Son.