Me, a bicycle and Ong Dung Beach

It was an uphill battle all the way to Ong Dung Beach and I ended up dismounting my bike and walking. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise because, growing overly hot from the repressive heat, I stopped along the route under a shady patch to cool down.

Along the road to Ong Dung Beach

While resting, I heard the rattle of leaves and spotted black squirrels and a range of butterflies from bright orange to black with mauve spots. Finally, I reached the mountain’s summit, only to discover that I couldn’t coast down. I had to leave the bike and walk down steps to the beach.

Along the path to Ong Dung Beach

The shoreline was rocky with a bit of sand in between but it was quiet. I intended to relax until a monkey ambled over. They’re far from my favourite animal and after my Bali experience I clutched my possessions and moved off.

Was the beach worth the hour trek up the hill? Not at all. But the hike down the steps and along the path was because I was immersed in the thick vegetation that covered the island’s mountains. Plus, on my return trip I could coast downhill.

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