A day on Con Dao’s azure ocean

We were headed to a sheltered bay for snorkelling on one of Con Dao’s many reefs. I had a perfect view of the lush covered hills as we left Con Son. The boat bounded over waves once we approached a craggy stack and I’d wished I’d taken Dive! Dive! Dive’s offer of a seasick tablet.

Near our first dive location

Still the reef beckoned and I paddled over a wide variety of coral: staghorn, blue and table coral being the most common. Colourful fish heaved with the force of the waves. While it didn’t match up to my snorkelling experience on the Great Barrier Reef, it was still worth the venture. After lunch, we arched around to the next bay where the water was clearer before heading back to shore.

If you happen to be in Con Son and book a trip with Dive! Dive! Dive! my advice is leave your email contact especially if you’re staying where I did, Phi Yen. Somehow Dive’s messages mysteriously never reached me. Perhaps the wind blew them away because it couldn’t have had anything to do with the hotel also offering a similar tour. Could it?