Tet: Vietnamese New Year

In Dalat, shops and restaurants were decorated for Tet, which appeared identical to Chinese new year in Vancouver. Hoards of people hovered over flowers and potted plants while I anticipated more.

Tet decorations out front of a bakery/restaurant, Dalat

I met a Vietnamese teenager visiting family for Tet on the way to Hoi An. The streets of the ancient town were decorated with colourful lanterns that were lit up at night but nothing more.

Some of Hoi An’s beautiful Tet lanterns

The following morning, I  waited for the ticket office to open so I could explore Hoi An’s old houses. When I noticed a few Vietnamese hanging about, I asked if they were waiting for the office to open too. They informed me that because it was Tet, the office wasn’t opening. I could visit the sites for free. Tet was getting closer.

Hoi An’s impressive fireworks display

At midnight on my second night in the Hoi An, I woke at midnight to what I thought was thunder. Instead, when I peaked out the window of my hotel room, the sky was alight with firecrackers announcing Vietnamese New Year.