Ninh Chu and its all seeing statue

Arriving at the beach resort, my head swivelled towards the hill where a Buddhist statue reigned over the town. I had to investigate that mountain.

Buddhist statue visible all over Ninh Chu

I climbed to the white statue where I had a clear view of Ninh Chu and the South China Sea. It was another thirty degree “winter” day but luckily a strong breeze sailed off the ocean.

I scaled higher to Trung Son Co’Tu perched above the rest of the complex. The Buddhist structure stood nestled between giant boulders that dotted the hill. Below, rice paddy fields separated the site from the town while the shadow of monks slid between passageways.

Boulders on the way up to Trung Son Co’Tu

Having satisfied my curiosity, it was time to head to Ninh Chu’s quiet beach. Where I stayed, it was swept clean of garbage and as the small waves pounded the shoreline, I was one of only six to lap up its pleasures.

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