Beware of Langbiang Mountain

Not far from Dalat was Langbiang Mountain which turned out to be a tourist trap because unless you hiked to the top, the only way to get there was by jeep at 50 000 dong a passenger.

This family didn’t think twice about the 10 000 dong for a photo opportunity

At the summit lay another trap; 10 000 dong for a photo in one of the jeeps. I snuck in a snap of a happy group who cheerfully enjoyed the moment then decided to skip the crocodile and ostrich meat on offer.

View from Langbiang Mountain

It was time to wander off and take in the view of patchwork valleys. Like most of the land around Dalat, the land below was filled with farms and greenhouses.

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  1. Hmm, well, in every country there’s always people who take all the chances to profit monetary gains from tourists….. What’s the value of 50,000 dongs in US dollar, Mallee? thanks!

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