Little India’s best restaurants

I stayed in Singapore’s Little India for one reason only; to be close to my favourite restaurant in the world – Komala Vilas! I discovered since my last visit some twenty-five years ago that instead of one restaurant, there were now another four within a kilometre radius.

Was the South Indian food still as good as I remembered?

The Komala Vilas closest to where I stayed with the best restaurant chai I’ve ever had

After lunch, I went back for dinner because every mouthful was a dream. In the evening two Chinese tourists sat near me who’d never eaten South Indian food before. I loved watching their faces, mouths open as they watched the waiter’s chai pouring technique. I’m sure they ordered chai just to see him pour again.

Masala chai and gulab jamun

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  1. OMG. This is incredible. During my visit to Singapore a couple of years back, I had stayed in Little India and had visited this restaurant twice. It’s a nice place to enjoy authentic South Indian dishes 🙂

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  2. That’s impressive, you return to your fave restaurant after so many years! I wish I visited the restaurant oo – now I know 🙂 I will include it when visiting Singapore again 🙂

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