Not just banh beo

One of the joys of travelling for me is food, especially in Asia. So while I sat savouring banh beo, another Vietnamese dish, I heard four English girls order chips and cokes. I thought to myself, why are they bothering to leave England if not to try something new?

Something’s wiggling in those dishes

My smug attitude subsided the following day as I walked Hue’s back streets and stumbled upon Ben Ngu Market that laced the corner near a bridge. There were the usual fruits, vegetables, fish and pigs’ trotters but then I spied something else. What was that woman selling that was tied up so they wouldn’t hop? Oh no, frogs that looked more like toads. Further along another trader had skinned her toads up to the heads and that vision still lingered long after I passed.

Frogs for sale

No, I definitely wasn’t that adventurous.

4 thoughts on “Not just banh beo”

  1. I don’t think I’d opt for frogs either. Your post reminds me of our trip to Busan. Along the shore, a food stall sold fresh catch from the sea. And some of it was moving. I guess there’s a line I draw when it comes to adventure. 🙂

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