Tamil Nadu return

It had been forty years since I set foot in India. I landed in the same city that was my original introduction to the country, Chennai (Madras back then).

Some aspects didn’t appear to have changed after all those decades: the wonky footpaths; the constant tooting of horns; the delicious South Indian food; local people friendly and helpful; men still with sarongs doubled up like mini skirts (though now more wore trousers); women in saris (though many had gone to the Punjabi style of dress).

Unfortunately, the state of the sidewalks hadn’t seemed to have changed.

While on a bus, I asked to be dropped at a specific location and it soon became the topic of the conductor as well as the passengers. I was often given directions that had be running in circles. That hadn’t changed although around half the time people redirected me to someone who might help.

Never thought I’d find these soda bottles all those years later

What was completely new was couples holding hands! While paan no longer coloured the ground, the traffic and litter was horrendous.