Moshi’s mountain

Photo courtesy: Chris 73 – wikimedia commons

Wherever I walked in Moshi, Mt Kilamanjaro loomed in the distance. It wasn’t long before I hiked out of town, heading towards the snow-capped peak. I grew entranced by the vegetation and birds along the highway rather than Africa’s highest peak.

Weaver bird nests, Tanzania. Photo courtesy: mwanasimba from La Reunion – wikimedia commons

The weaver birds gathered together in their egg shaped nests suspended like hanging Christmas balls all on the one tree.

Now that I think about that idle stroll along a highway years ago, it wasn’t the smartest move in Africa. Fortunately, I only saw birds and the mountain beaconing me. That silent call however, wasn’t strong enough to make me complete the hard climb to the top. I was happy to admire Mt Kilamanjaro from Moshi.



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