Port Moody’s heritage houses

Every week I venture into Port Moody to join my writing colleagues. I take the back streets to avoid the traffic on the main thoroughfare or at least, that’s what I tell myself when really there’s another reward. Tucked along these quiet streets lies Port Moody’s heritage houses.

Corner house behind St John’s Street, Port Moody

When the Canadian Pacific Railway first crossed from east to west, the line ended at Port Moody because of its location. Situated at the tail end of Burrard Inlet, tankers journeyed into its protected waters to unload and load cargo. So the old houses that remain are some of the oldest on the west coast.IMG_1706

To make way for the skytrain construction, one house was moved and now forms part of the local arts centre. But as I took these photos recently, there was a sign posted near a different heritage house about granting redevelopment. I fear for these remaining few treasures. Will they be saved?