Pondy’s beachfront

I cooled off in a beach side restaurant because it wasn’t only the thirty-two degree heat that had me wilting, but the high humidity drenching my skin. I sat talking to a Mumbai visitor while the Bay of Bengal beckoned.

Puducherry beachfront

I planned to dip my feet in the sparkling water, but when I left to stroll along the beach, I discovered a wall of rocks between the sand and the sea.

While the ominous Indonesian earthquake from several years ago and the resulting tsunami didn’t hit the city, the rock wall was in preparation in the event of a future disaster.

Lighthouse, Puducherry

3 thoughts on “Pondy’s beachfront”

  1. I am always taken back by surprise how this little place is so ordered and spiffy , yet calm and serene. Always a pleasure to visit – Pondi and ashram.

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