South to Galle

Photo courtesy: Krankman – Wikimedia Commons

I took a bus from Hikkaduwa to Galle. It was only a half hour trip along a coconut fringed coastline to the quiet southern town.

Fort gate. Photo courtesy: Saqib Qayyum – Wikimedia Commons

On the point, the Dutch fort dating from the 1600s was like a town within a town. I’d visited other forts that were a shell of what they’d once been but Galle Fort contained houses people still lived in, a Dutch church, a mosque and places for tourists to stay. As well as being able to skirt the perimeter, there were roads that crisscrossed the enclosure and trees that brought welcomed shade.

Old residential houses within the fort. Photo courtesy: Rudolph.A.furtado – Wikimedia Commons

I spent the day meandering over this relaxing location before bussing back to Hikkaduwa.