Sinhalese Enlightenment

The highlands were for walking because although it was still warm, the climate was nowhere near as hot and sticky as Lanka’s lowlands.

Across from the Royal Botanic Gardens stood Peradeniya University. I don’t remember much of the university except from a photo I took, but I do remember the next days’s confrontation in the grimy city.

Near Peradeniya University on the outskirts of Kandy’s hill country.

I idled Kandy’s streets when a teen insisted on taking me for a tea. I foolishly agreed until the one rupee he’d spent made him assume he was entitled to sex.

It was a recurring theme among many Sinhalese men. I hadn’t experienced this in my early travel days in South India or Bali, nor ever again in later years the way I had in Lanka. There was definitely an attitude that foreign women couldn’t wait to jump into bed with them.

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