Journey into the past

When I first set foot in Chennai decades ago, I stayed near Egmore Station. On my recent return, I decided to venture back to see if there was anything I recognized from all those years ago.IMG_1700

Egmore Railway Station was still bustling because not only city trains screeched through the terminal, but also long distance trains.

I left the station and walked the short distance to the hotel I once stayed in all those years ago. It had been a grubby hotel that had cost me three rupees a night back then. If not for the sign out front, I wouldn’t have recognized the place because of its obvious facelift.

State of the footpath not far from the Everest Hotel, Chennai

Like the rest of this sojourn, there was nothing of the old I could remember even though some of the buildings must have been there back then. Only the footpaths, still in disrepair, looked familiar.