Trinco Sinhalese Connection

I spent many an evening with a Sinhalese family while I stayed in Trincomalee. They lived a street back from the harbour on a good sized plot of land where we sat and idled away the evenings.

Herbie and Malika with their three children, Trinco

Only now it surprises me that no mention was made of the political upheaval at that time. Sinhalese youth had tried to overthrow the government since the day I’d arrived in Lanka and over the following months, as many as five thousand had been killed to quell the uprising.

Today, I wonder where these two friendly people, Herbie and Malika, and there family are. I remember Malika telling me she was originally from upcountry and perhaps they moved there after the horrifying events that unfolded more than a decade after my visit in a once peaceful town.