Cellphone Mania Flashmob

I’m reminded daily of cell phone obsession. In restaurants I often see couples spending more time on their cells than face-to-face communication. On the skytrain I find no difference. It’s becoming rare to observe a couple in conversation for any length of time.


That was one of the themes of a recent downtown Calgary flashmob performance put on by the Calgary Centre for Global Community — the disconnect between people and the ever present connect with technology.

This section touched on forgetting how to play

While the flash mob performed at several locations on different days in Calgary, I wondered if its intended messages will have the desired impact.IMG_1887

This portion represented exclusion and bullying

2 thoughts on “Cellphone Mania Flashmob”

  1. Sadly that is the case 😦 one thing that bothers me most is the car drivers who texting while driving! It’s scary to see and they do this also in highway! Can they just leave their phone for once??

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