The Real Halloween Monsters

When family size has shrunk, why have houses got bigger? Is it a desire to display our wealth or the greed of building contractors seizing as much profit as they can from a block of land?

What is it with columns?

Whatever the answer, these monsters swallow more than their fair share of resources, be it building materials or heating costs — a sad situation in an age when we need to conserve.

This monster house had garage space for four cars
Garage space for three cars, but two in the driveway

Every monster house I pass in my neighbourhood, has garage space for three cars, yet there were still vehicles in the driveway. Does this mean the occupants own five cars or is their garage filled with purchased household items no longer wanted?

A common sight not only in my area of the lower mainland

I passed one couple with two cars parked in the driveway while they sorted through boxes and boxes of possessions that filled the entire three carport spaces!

This monster had tasteful building materials but . . . the columns
As if one wasn’t ugly enough, there was another one on the opposite side of the driveway

And to make matters worse, these monster houses are an eye-sore. Out front are ugly Roman columns; a mixture of ill matching materials as if the store ran out of one building material and substituted another; tacky statues; and houses in various shades of pink.

The beautiful view from the hilltop area

To top it off, the hilly area has a fantastic view of mountains and flat lands stretching to the U.S. border and beyond, but can only offer a tasteless view in return.

And still they’re building more (this one looks like a unique design though)

Oh, brave one! You made it to the end after so many ghoulish photos.

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