Flight from Zanzibar

Photo courtesy: Fanny Scherzte — Wikimedia Commons

I left Zanzibar after three days. Near panic gripped me and I wasn’t the only one to feel this way.

Photo courtesy: G.T. Bacchus — Wikimedia Commons

When I arrived at the airport, people crowded every corner. All planes were full. Even though I was booked on a flight back to Dar, I was told there was no room. I kicked up a fuss because my ticket was for the next flight. I reminded the attendant that I only had a three-day visa that would expire if I wasn’t on that plane. Finally, they stuck me in the cockpit, where I sat on a pull down seat and watch the pilots maneuver the plane along the runway and back to Dar.

A few days after my return to the mainland, Karume (Zanzibar’s president at that time) was assassinated and Arabs in Dar who’d celebrated at this news, were arrested.

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