Have you ever smelled the cashew nut fruit?

Mafia Island Beach. Photo courtesy: Gill Penney — Wikimedia Commons

Once I flew from Dar es Salaam to Mafia Island to visit my father-in-law’s coconut plantation.

Drying coconuts for copra. Photo courtesy: National Archives of U.K. — Wikimedia Commons

You would think I’d be impressed by row upon row of the hundred thousand trees that made up the plantation, or the sandy beaches that were exclusively part of the property. I overlooked these assets because of a few cashew nut trees.

Cashew nut fruits. Photo courtesy: Ben Tavener — Wikimedia Commons

It was that time of year when fruits hung from the trees and on the end was a single cashew nut. The smell of the fruit was intoxicating. If only I could catch a whiff of that scent now.

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