Masai Marvel

Masai women. Photo courtesy: gailhampshire from Cradley — Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes things of beauty aren’t what they appear. Take high heel shoes for example. They look great, but consider what they do to women’s backs as well as knees over the years.

This is how I classify Masai necklaces. They are eye catchers. The bright colours highlight African women’s glowing skin and there’s an allusion that the neck appears longer.

Photo courtesy: William Warby of London — Wikimedia Commons

These rainbow artifacts were displayed on Dar street corners and I couldn’t resist the temptation to invest in the beaded beauties. But once I clipped one around my neck, the stiff wire itched my collarbone and each time I adorned myself with the masterpiece, I ended up taking it off because it was too scratchy.

I’ll just admire them of Masai women.

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