Joffre Lake Provincial Park

The aqua water of Lower Joffre Lake mirrored the pines on the opposite bank. Above loomed Matier Glacier with its melting ice cascading from Upper Joffre Lake, to Middle Joffre Lake, to the one I stood near. The sun glistened on the snow covering the peak, making it impossible to turn back.

Middle Joffre Lake

I headed over the easy walking track towards Middle Joffre Lake and hiked steadily for a good two kilometers before the path became steeper and uneven with tree roots and boulders.

At the final lake, I sat on a rock at the water’s edge eyeing patches of iridescent blue seeping through cracks in the ice. It had been a 266 metre climb over a five kilometre path — and I still had to retrace my steps.

Matier Glacier, Upper Joffre Lake
Upper Joffre Lake and Matier Glacier

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