A Dar es Salaam Tranquil Beach

Photo courtesy: Guojung Yang — Wikimedia Commons

Oyster Bay wasn’t the only pristine beach close to Dar. There were tourist hotels scattered intermittently along the northern coastline.

Don’t let this tacky entrance fool you into thinking Kunduchi Beach isn’t worth a visit. Photo courtesy: Ali A. Fazal — Wikimedia Commons.

On a week day, I could guarantee that, when I arrived at Kunduchi Beach Hotel and passed through its showy entrance, the beach was often exclusively mine, and the ocean delightfully lukewarm.

Passing out of Kunduchi Beach Hotel to a perfect setting. Photo courtesy: Guojung Yang — Wikimedia Commons

The picture I keep in my mind about this beach is being with my daughter before she turned one. We’d sit in a shady spot and let the fresh salty air waft over us.