An accidental return to Weaselhead Provincial Park

Over the pedestrian bridge that stretched across the Elbow River, I left the Elbow River Pathway by Glenmore Reservoir and entered Weaselhead Provincial Park. During a summer some years back, I’d visited this park. In the depths of winter however, it was unrecognizable.

Weaselhead’s snow covered trail

My summer post:

Back in the 1970s Calgary began a network of pathways that connected parks, schools and libraries to the downtown. The first path through Weaselhead used crushed gravel and old railway ties. An old steel highway sign was used for girders on the first bridge in the park. From this beginning, pathways grew to make the network one of the largest in North America.

Looking back towards the bridge connecting the Elbow River Pathway to Weaselhead Provincial Park

I followed the snow covered path to another bridge next to the Elbow River where all lay silent. Below were animal tracks that from a distance, could have been coyote or raccoon’s.

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