A family affair

In 1891 Senator Lougheed organized the construction of a sandstone house and matching carriage house that was a mishmash of styles. Six Lougheed children filled the residence until one of the sons took over the family home decades later. But once hard times fell on the family, the home was taken over by different organizations until the 1990s when it was restored as one of the prairies’ earliest surviving residences.

The drawing room

The outside of this Calgary building was impressive with its turret extending above the solid structure. Having passed this home many times, it was time to step inside and into its past glory. The most impressive room was the drawing room which lacked the furniture that once must have filled the residence. Some of the upstairs bedrooms contained furniture along with a well of information about the rooms and their past occupants.

A disturbing sign of those times were the various animal heads mounted around the dining room. I would hardly enjoy a meal with those sad glass eyes peering down on me.

Lougheed house’s dining room with mounted animal heads around its walls

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