By the Bay

This beachside suburb is a restful location I always visit on trips to Brisbane. Firstly, there’s a stretch of fish and chip shops where I can have one of my favourite fattening treats: a potato scallop.

Greasy scallops I try only once each trip to Australia

Better still, on a sultry summer day, a cool breeze floats in off Moreton Bay making it several degrees cooler than the rest of Queensland’s capital city.

The beach was once muddy, but in the last decade, sand’s been hauled onto a small stretch next to the pier so that if locals don’t want to drive the hundred kilometres north or south to surf beaches, this little patch of sand can suffice.

Wynnum with the pier in the distance

Like a magnet, the pier draws me to the very end where there’s usually a fisher or two hoping for a bream or whiting.

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