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From the hotel resort, the source of Harrison Hot Springs was only a couple of hundred metres away. When I’d walked to the spot twenty years ago, it had appeared as nothing more than a rocky smoky pool of bubbling water not much bigger than a king size bed; at least that’s how I remembered it.

Harrison Hot Springs trail to the source
Harrison Hot Springs trail to the source

To the First Nation people, it was known as Waum Chuck. They believed the spring was beneficial to those who drank its water. However, this treasure was soon diverted away from the lake, and into the many pools that make up the present day resort.

Harrison Hot Springs trail to the source
The source of Harrison Hot Springs

When I arrived this visit, the spring was completely walled in with a sign warning sightseers that the water burnt. That seemed obvious to me, but one of the grounds people told me a girl had actually dived into the 145 degree centigrade pool, then sued the resort for not putting a warning sign. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing that when water bubbles, it means it’s boiling, or in the case of the spring, past boiling point. For her stupidity, she won the case and hence, the enclosure now constructed around the source.

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