The best kept secret Auz foods

If you’re arriving from North America, you’ll notice how fresh the fruits and vegetables are in Australia. Amazingly, you don’t need a knife to peel a mango if you’re there in the right season. But make sure it’s a Bowen mango. They’re the best along with delicious custard apples and passion fruits. Queensland has the perfect climate for these tasty fruits, so it’s the place to try them.

Next head to the supermarket and buy dried apricots, but they need to be the sun dried variety, not the chemically dried kind common in North America. Your tongue will tingle from the tang of the sun dried ones.

But we don’t want to just eat healthy, right?


Cherry Ripe is a chocolate only found in Australia and New Zealand. It’s one of two best kept secrets that I devour every visit. The other is Weis’ bars. They contain a smattering of ice cream along one side, and a frozen fruit mixture along the other. There’s a number of flavours, but the tastiest is mango. On my last flight out of Australia on Qantas, they served a Weis’ bar for a snack. Yes!!!


Forget lamingtons and all the other suggestions in travel books. Don’t leave Auz without trying my suggestions.

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  1. Mango and custard apple are among my favorite fruits! We have a mango cultivar here called gedong gincu, which is probably related to India’s Alphonso. And for custard apple, I only need to go to my parents’ house at the right season as they have two custard apple trees. I did try Cherry Ripe when I was in Sydney and I liked it, and now I’m eyeing on Weis’ the next time I come visit.

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