A Shinkansen experience

Ever since I first learned about Japan’s shinkansen, I’d always wanted to step aboard one to experience the 320 kilometres an hour feel at ground level. I know many European countries have bullet trains too, but I had my heart set on Japan. I finally had my chance when I headed from a Tokyo outer train station to Kyoto.

The ride was smooth and soundless, but it was unnerving when the train took a bend because it leaned over the way a motorcycle takes a corner. Watching the scenery whiz by made me a little nauseous because it was too fast for the eye and brain to take in. I had to focus on the far distance.

Shinkansen, Kyoto Eki

Despite these setbacks, there was nothing like arriving at your destination way quicker than a conventional train. Plus I was lucky to catch sight of snow capped Mt Fuji before clouds closed in.