A disgruntled painter?

I never miss a rare visit to Brisbane’s art gallery. It’s right on the Brisbane River opposite the city, next to Southbank. My favourite wander is past Aboriginal art, particularly traditional works that rely on earth colours. While displays change every visit, I savour my trips.

Yirawala — Two crocodiles
Yirawala — Two crocodiles

This time, I spotted a huge Arthur Boyd painting, Bathers at Pulpit Park. It’s far from a beautiful painting, but Boyd’s tongue in cheek poke at Australians and their anti-Aborigines attitudes was clever because he depicted them still wanting to lie in the scorching sun to turn brown.

Arthur Boyd
Arther Boys’ Bathers at Pulpit Park

I stood for some time smiling at his interpretation when a disgruntled artist approached saying he worked with Boyd and the man couldn’t draw. Well, maybe he couldn’t; but he could paint, and his controversial topics always appealed.