Art in the woods

Replicas of squatters’ cabins were sculptured along Maplewood Flats off the Burrard Inlet in the exact location where they  originally stood during the 1940s. Hovering over the tidal mud flats, the cabins on stilts housed a community of squatters who, by the 1960s, were hippies, artists and displaced loggers who craved nature and self-sufficiency.

Squaters' Cabins, Maplewood
Artist: Ken Lum’s From Shangri-la to Shangri-la

One such resident was Dr Paul Spong who led Greenpeace’s Save the Whales campaign. Viewed as an eye-sore by North Vancouver residents, the shacks were burnt down in the 1970s.

Squaters' Cabins, Maplewood
Artist: Ken Lum

The artist, Ken Lum, was born in Vancouver in 1956 and exhibited all over the world. Fortunately for North Vancouver, he gifted his From Shangri-la to Shangri-la to the district in 2010.