Has anything changed?

Featured photo courtesy: McKay Savage — Wikimedia Commons

I spent four months in Lanka back in the days before the Internet. And while I’ve travelled to many countries since, Lanka stands out more than any other in one aspect:

Photo courtesy: Mstyslav Chernov — Wikipedia Commons

Harassment. Even though I wore a skirt to my ankles and never revealed my midriff during my entire visit around the island, there has never been a country where men throught, because I was white, I must be desperate for sex.

In my naivety in Kandy, I accepted an offer of a cup of tea from a young man only to discover he assumed I’d have sex with him. When I refused, he almost cried because of the one rupee he’d spent to no avail! And this was not a one off occurrence, (see other posts on Lanka).

My advise for a female lone traveller is that there are plenty of other countries just as picturesque (such as Vietnam) where you won’t be bothered once. Besides a country that still harasses, rapes and tortures its own people (Tamils) believes no rules apply to them.

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