Disappearing era

Featured photo: Brighton’s old post office building, now a Nike store

Before the internet, post offices were landmarks in every city and its suburbs around the world. Sadly, these impressive buildings, have fallen by the way side.

Inside the old G.P.O.
Inside Melbourne’s old G.P.O.

When I stepped into Melbourne’s old G.P.O., the building was a department store. Still the original internal architecture gleamed against the latest fashions.

Richmond's new post office
Richmond’s new (and ugly) post office

The modern post offices, at least in Australia, don’t compare. They are boring glass  boxes, downsized because of lost revenue as people no longer write letters, send telegrams, or step into a post office to book a long distance call.

How quickly the old architectural giants became obsolete. Has this happened where you live too?

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  1. Yes, most of the old builders are being re-purposed, now small outlet shops in drugs stores and such are local post offices. However, online shopping has increased postal deliveries so central postal distributions centers are still big and lively..

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