Birdwatchers on patrol

In spite of living only half an hour’s drive from Maplewood Flats Wild Bird Sanctuary, I had only ever driven past heading further a field. This quiet corner of North Vancouver offered excellent views of Burrard Inlet, and I was keen to explore the reserve even though I was no bird watcher.

Maplewood Flats Wild Bird Sanctuary
A section of Burrard Inlet from Maplewood Flats

While there were a number of birdwatchers with their tripods and monstrous lenses, I wasn’t there for the birds. However, I did spot an Anna’s hummingbird, a larger variety than those that visit my balcony.

Maplewood Flats Wild Bird Sanctuary
Deep within Maplewood Flats

Some of the birdwatchers’ enthusiasm must have rubbed off on me because before I left, I checked the long list of birds sighted within the park.