North Shore mudflats

I have a thing for mangroves and mud. Perhaps it’s because of the days I followed in my father’s footsteps as he traipsed through mud catching crabs, sinking into the depths of the smooth, squelching ooze.

North Shore mudflats, Maplewood
North Shore mudflats by Burrard Inlet

So when I spotted Burrard Inlet’s mudflats, my pace quickened. While I was fine about the notice requesting nothing be removed from North Vancouver’s largest intertidal estuarine marshland, not being able to explore over the mud was a let down.

North Shore mudflats, Maplewood
North Shore mudflats, Maplewood Flats

Being a sensitive area, my footsteps could have destroyed marine organisms. Additionally, a sign warned of sinkholes. No thanks. Better to view this unique environment from a safe distance and leave somewhere for nature to thrive. Haven’t we caused enough havoc?

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