Faces the wind park

Cates Park was located at the mouth of Indian Arm, a thirty kilometre fiord. Across Burrard Inlet from its stony beach was Burnaby Mountain to the south, and Belcarra Park to the east. With over five hundred fires burning in the province, on the day I visited, the outlook was hazy from smoke drifting in from the interior.

Cates Park, Nth Vancouver
Totem pole and canoe in the background, Cates Park, North Vancouver

Cates Park or Whey-Ah-Whichen (which means faces the wind) was once the summer home for local First Nation peoples who gathered food during their stay. Housed on one corner of the park was a canoe as well as a totem pole.

Cates Park, Nth Vancouver
Shoreline from the jetty, Cates Park, North Vancouver

Later, in the 1930s squatters’ shacks fringed the coastline housing destitute mill workers during the depression.