A misleading symbol

As the ferry left Williamstown, I noticed a ship  with what I was sure were guns at both ends of the vessel. It was the Sea Shepherd. The name was vaguely familiar, but with an ominous skull and bones symbol on the side, I found the  ship intimidating.

Workshops Pier, Williamstown

It was only when I checked their website I learned that these vessels are involved in the preservation of the oceans and wildlife. The crews are on the lookout for illegal action on the high seas; protecting vaquita porpoise from gill netting near the California Gulf; protecting the Galapagos and tackling pollution; reef preservation and fresh water on the Pacific’s Fanning Island.

Gem Pier, Williamstown

A skull and bones symbol is something I associate with pirates and had I not checked their website, I would have gone away with the wrong impression.

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