Whytecliff Park

At 124 ha, this park was the largest in West Vancouver. I hiked down to the stony beach where Whyte Islet drew me like a sleepwalker. I stumbled over the rocky stretch towards the boulder. Empty diarrhetic shellfish lay scattered between rocks in their thousands.

White Islet, Whytecliff Park
Whyte Islet, Whytecliff Park

This was a location for scuba diving. The water was crystal clear, the waters calm and the view spectacular. But on the day I visited, there was only a film crew working on a tv series.

Whytecliff Park
Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver

I left the beach and clambered up stone steps and rocky outcrops where the view of the Straight of Georgia and the Tantalus Mountains further afield, was a great reward for my exploration over the site.