A Japanese art form

It wasn’t until this trip to Japan that I realised there was another artistic expression rather than those in art galleries, spray painted on public walls or in fabric designs —food.


Tempted by a combination meal on the menu, I knew this would be the ideal way to try dishes other than my usual sushi. It was almost a pity to spoil the art work presented by this Kyoto chef.

8 thoughts on “A Japanese art form”

  1. Have you seen videos of how the Japanese create unbelievably beautiful food? It’s amazing to see the amount of time and the dedication they put into presenting their traditional food, not to mention those tantalizing flavors of their cuisine.

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      1. Wow! Don’t think I have that much patience for the fiddly work required. But did watch two Indonesian videos recently: Athirah and Laskar Pelangi (both great, especially the one about the Muslim school for poor children)


      2. I haven’t watched Athirah. As for Laskar Pelangi I actually read the book as well as watched the film. Because of the latter the island where it was filmed has now become a popular holiday island among Indonesians.

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