What’s a Queenslander?

Some out of state people might think I’m referring to banana benders; the name given to people living in the sunshine state. But I’m talking about the unique architecture of the original wooden homes built especially for the sultry climate.

Norman Park house
This one reminds me of the house my grandmother owned.

A veranda often skirts three sides of these houses making them ideal during the summer months. It keeps the sun off the outer walls as well as providing outdoor shade.  A hallway from the front door usually runs right through the middle of the house to the back door to allow a breeze to snake through into every room. While these features are commendable in a sub-tropical climate, it’s the extra details I admire: the added wood trimmings or the lattice doors that add to the house’s appeal.

Norman Park house
Norman Park house built on stilts like all Queenslanders to allow a breeze to flow under the house as well

But do I want to own one? Although I appreciate these houses, I’m aware of all the necessary work involved to keep them well maintained. No thanks.