As still as its name

I’d hiked the Burnaby Lake trail in the summer, but because I had to meet up with someone, didn’t have enough time to circuit more than half of the trail. It took me until fall before I returned, starting at the opposite end away from where the Brunette River flowed into Burnaby Lake to hike the trail near Still Creek.

Burnaby Lake Loop Trail
Burnaby Lake Loop Trail

The creek was so calm on the day I entered the regional park, the reflections were as clear as a mirror’s. I was glad I waited until summer was over because I glimpsed the park under different conditions.

Burnaby Lake, Loop Trail
Burnaby Lake Loop Trail

But as I rounded one bend along the Burnaby Loop Trail, there was a warning from the Burnaby Lake Flyers “hoods-up” about overhead remote controlled planes. One hummed overhead and while I kept one eye on its progress, I spotted another caught in a poplar.

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