A Canada geese invasion

I read an article on how Canada geese have extended into regions  they’ve never been before because of their increasing numbers. Walking in my local park, I have to keep my eyes peeled to avoid stepping on their ubiquitous poop.

Burnaby Lake Loop Trail
At the head of the flock, Burnaby Lake Loop Trail

Recently I hiked around Burnaby Lake and was reminded of their numbers again. In the distance I heard their wailing conversations and stopped to capture this huge flock circle a field.

Burnaby Lake Loop Trail
Near the rugby field, Burnaby Lake Loop Trail

While I was memorized by their flight, I couldn’t help think that these plump, organic birds must taste as good, if not better than any other bird we put on the table. Why then hasn’t the government lifted the ban on their protection for a short time to allow hunters to cull their numbers?